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Hi there!

My name is Ashley Smith. I am  wife to an incredible man, and new mommy to our first son Hudson who was welcomed into this world on August 30, 2015. I am a retired Spanish teacher, turned fitness fanatic after discovering my true passion for health, fitness, and helping others find happiness through a healthy lifestyle. I have found a way to make healthy eating and exercise part of my daily routine and it has become a shared passion of my husband and I.

IMG_9467I became a fitness coach with Beachbody in the fall of 2014, and since then have founded a rapidly growing Top 20 Team in the company, The Inspiration Crew. I was able to leave my job of working long hours in a school in under a year ALL because of this opportunity to help people.

Here on my website you will find helpful tools to support you on your own wellness journey as you work hard to achieve the fitness goals you have for yourself.  But mostly, I hope you will enjoy following my life as a wife, new mama, and now #mompreneur living out her dream of empowering women to chase their dreams!

I’ll be sharing my clean eating recipes, reminiscing on my fit pregnancy and sharing my postpartum journey too!

Whether you are here for support, inspiration, or because you too want to help inspire others, I am so glad you are here! It is my absolute JOY to meet new girlfriends and help inspire and empower women to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

I’m nobody special; I’m just a girl who decided to chase her dreams of staying home with her baby boy and found her passion for helping empower women in the process.

Thanks for being here!

XOXO, Ashley

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Jennifer ONeal says:

    Very interested in learning more about joining the team and what it takes to become a coach. So inspired by your testimony and your enthusiasm.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzi Gauthier says:

    Hi Ashley! I love your page. I actually have been contemplating messaging you for a while and finally gave in. Lol I have been a fan of yours since you were pregnant! You just amaze me all you do! And you are always so happy! I’m writing you all the way from Arizona. I guess I am becoming at a need of your expertise. I need to get serious about my weightloss journey. Uf you could email me that would be great and we could discuss! Thanks! (I didnt know how else to write you)

    Liked by 1 person

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